• Proximity is Power

    MyStream is a direct device-to-device(s) content sharing technology platform that already provides users with the ability to synchronously and wirelessly listen to audio together. MyStream leverages patent pending multi-user proximity technology, which will soon be used to facilitate all types of content streams and/or transmissions that are relevant to a users physical location for social, commercial and advertising purposes.

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  • Already the Next Revolution in Music Experience and Exposure

    MyStream is designed to give users in the network the ability to play songs locally using the applications custom player, share active playing audio files in real-time, create and share profiles, set permissions, arrange and share custom MyStream playlists, and promote the on the spot content sales all within the platform’s private network. MyStream starts with music, but its expansion into all types of physically relevant content makes it a true game changer.

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  • Proximity is Power

    MyStream establishes a mobile social-network of groups of users through the devices Bluetooth and WI-FI communication functions. MyStream is currently the industry leading multi user, proximity enabled, real time, completely secure, auto-pairing, content streaming and transferring platform that can, and will, scale to support direct cross platform and nation wide functionalities as well as leverage any type of content for any reason.

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  • The Next Revolution in Music Experience and Exposure

    MyStream aims to use brand new, cutting edge technology to facilitate real life “shared experiences” and relevant proximity enabled content without giving users the burden of maintaining another “virtual” profile. MyStream is easy to use, entertaining and interactive! And for all Android users, do not worry, an Android version is currently in the works and will be ready later this year!!

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